How To Find Calm in a Modern World

Finding your balance in life can seem miles away from where you currently are if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It can feel like it takes every bit of energy just to keep things going along, to keep things moving. Personally, I find I get overwhelmed quite easily and am driven by emotions. This can mean it’s hard to balance my mind out, so I have found a few ways that work for me.

So how can you find your balance in life when things seem like they’re getting a bit much?

Find the space that brings you calm

For me, this is open spaces. Gardens, fields, big spans of land. Open spaces are extremely important for the mind. They provide no distraction, no expectation, no pressure. That’s why I imagine lots of people enjoy camping or being outside walking; being outside forces you to notice the world for what it is, not what we are so accustomed to believe it is when we’re working, eating, sleeping. It can often feel like the place in which we have to meet our expectations of self, a place where we need to meet the endless bills, a place where we can’t just be. And that’s simply exhausting. Unless you can find your calm place, and use it.

Find the people that bring you calm

This is entirely important when you consider your environment and how you feel in environments. We often feel like we can’t control who is in our environments if they are members of our family or part of our workforce or neighbours. But we really can control how we are in our environments and that can bring us a sense of calm. If you can control those who are around you, then at the times when you can control people around you, pick the people who make you feel good when they walk in, the ones who make you feel supported and loved. If you find that an individual interrupts your sense of calm and they are always going to be around, show them the love. What you give out in this world is often what you’ll receive in return. By being positive and loving to those who affect your calm, you’re practicing a sense of calm in yourself.

Live your calm

Living your calm is the final step. The point at which you’ve found your calm, you’ve started to really understand who you are and what it is that affects you. Now you have the tools to live your calm and feel able to tap into that wherever you are. For some, it’s a book. For others, it’s long conversation. For most, it’s something. You can have the space, have the people and just need that something extra to distract your mind still. For me, it’s coffee. When I’m drinking coffee I’m thinking about drinking coffee; it brings a sense of calm to my day.

What’s your tool for keeping calm in everyday life?

Am X


  1. August 11, 2018 / 9:08 pm

    Being calm is not in my nature, I always feel like I need to always do something (it sucks) Thank you for sharing your great advice, I loved this post xx

    • aannmariedoeslife
      August 12, 2018 / 12:28 pm

      Thank you for your comment and for popping by. I’m exactly the same, it’s a process. xx

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