Making Your Mother’s Day

Our Mother’s are special; not only do they do a-lot for us, but we don’t usually get to say thank you in a meaningful way. Showing our appreciation of them can be taking them out for a meal, or to see their favourite show at the theatre. It can also be simply sending a bunch of flowers to say you’re thinking of them. How do you like to treat your Mum? (I say Mum where I’m from).

If you’re looking for something personalised, home-made and (very!!) affordable, you’re in the right place! I’ve created a Mother’s Day home-made afternoon tea walkthrough for you that will take you no time at all, you can enjoy for hours and will give you years of memories, and will only cost you under £20.

Why Afternoon Tea?

You probably have quite a few cup of teas or coffees with your mum. Or if you don’t, you certainly have a snack together or your mum runs to make you food as soon as you step front in the door (my mum does).

My Home-Made Afternoon Tea on Mother’s Day gives a little something back to our mums. It’s more than just sitting down for a cuppa, it’s about showing them you appreciate them.

Personally, I really love Afternoon Tea. I enjoy the chats over coffee and cake, and always know after it I’ll be full and ready for the rest of the day. The downside for me is that it can often be quite expensive. I find if I do book for an afternoon tea, it’s because I’ve found a local deal online. So why not just do it at home this Mothers Day? You’ll get the same quality food, but you’ll pick it so you know you’ll have your favourites and won’t have to leave that ham and horseradish sandwich go to waste! It’ll be cheaper, because the way I located the ingredients and chose the kinds of foods involved means it’s very affordable, at £20 for you both! And the cherry on the top is your table is yours until you’re done – no rushing! – Afternoon Tea

You will need to create something like this, like I did.

To support you in writing your own plan, I’ve provided some tips below:

Consider the food you will want on the table. You’ll want something nutritious so a lovely fresh seeded roll filled with your Mothers favourite ham or cheese might do the trick. Think about the sweet treats she always reaches for – this is the middle part of my cake stand. It’s the part you want to tuck into first!! Hehe.

Make sure you know what the ‘highlight’ of the tea will be – the favourite treat right at the top of the stand! I recently did this for my friend and I know she loves Portuguese tarts, so that was the highlight at the top.

Now you know what you need, write a food shopping list. There are food shopping home delivery options straight to your front door if you’d like to plan ahead and make sure everything arrives on the evening before! I would always advise buying as fresh as possible. Fresh bread for the sandwiches, fresh cream scones and fresh flowers to decorate the table with, so going the morning of, or getting a delivery the night before would be best. If you can bake the treats that’s amazing! But if you’re like me and much better at the vision and table decor, focus on that and buy the treats in.

Find a cake stand (you can get a really affordable one here), or simply use your current plates and decorate them well.

Once your food has arrived, give yourself enough time to cut things up (this can take around 30 minutes) and get the table decor ready which can be more time consuming than you think!



I’ve shared some extras you could invest in if you want to make it extra special:

  1. If you can get a teapot for the unlimited tea, this one is great: Pendeford Housewares Teapot
  2. If you fancy getting a caffetiere for this special afternoon, I’ve found one you could order here: Zodiac 6-Cup Cafetiere
  3. For decoration, you could place banners by the table to make it feel like a celebration: Happy Mothers Day Themed Bunting Banner.

Thank you so much for reading – I really hope this provides you with an affordable way of showing your Mum that you care this Mother’s Day.  If you have any queries just let me know below, or feel free to send me an e-mail, I’m more than happy to help you with setting it up tips!

Love, Am X

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