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Hi guys,

I want to start more home and interior based posts on my blog, as they’re the posts I love to read & take inspiration from. First of all I’m going to talk you through why we changed the decor in our small bathroom/WC. We’ve been in our home now for around 1 and a half years.   Anyone that has moved into a new home knows that it takes time to settle in and see what you like and what you would want to change about the house, I was no different. I remember first moving in and being so obsessed with the front door and I still am, but I really wasn’t a fan of the colour on the bathroom walls. So we waited, we got settled and then we got my lovely mother in to see if she could help us out (my dad too – on tea making duties!)

When we moved in the walls were a dull yellow and the paint work just needed some TLC.

The walls


The first thing I did was look at the colours we could get. It wasn’t hard to locate the right colour though as my mum had some left from a grey colour she had put in one of her bedrooms so it made sense to use that; turns out it was absolutely perfect. The one we used was Chic Shadow by Dulux – it’s SO affordable!

IMG_3926 2

We bought it in Matt as I find Matt walls always look really neat but of course they’re harder to keep nice. With this in mind and considering we don’t use the downstairs WC that much, it would work. Once the colour was on, I knew the skirting boards would look dull unless updated at the same time, so I picked up a Gloss by Dulux for the skirting boards and surrounding wall area so the grey would stand out against a white border.

Updating the storage

There was also no storage in the room. We were keeping bleach, toilet rolls etc on the little windowsill for some time and it just didn’t look that great. I knew I wanted a corner shelf unit as the bathroom is quite small but neat, so the cabinet couldn’t be too big or stand out. I also knew we needed a mirror in the room, so I looked through many cabinet shops online, but the one I chose for it’s price and the practicality of it being a corner cabinet and having a mirrored door was Argos HOME Mirrored Stainless Steel Corner Bathroom Cabinet

Finalising the details

Once the room was painted and the cabinet was installed (which didn’t take long at all), it was time to focus on the details. I love this part, but I also realised the beautiful details already in the room. For example, this towel rail is usually covered by a random towel that I hadn’t considered the colour of because the walls just made me feel so uninspired, but quickly once the surroundings were lovely, I could see the beauty of the towel rail. Sounds so dramatic for a towel rail HA but it’s true.

I love flowers and any chance to get flowers involved in some way, I’m there! I knew I wasn’t brave enough to keep flowers alive for very long, so artificial flowers seemed the way to go. I wanted something that would bring attention to the white, clean border of the bathroom, but also something that would contrast the grey. I chose these white flowers with a mirrored outside, to go with the cabinet. They’re from: Argos: Mirrored Artificial White Rose Flower Arrangement

I hope you enjoyed seeing how we updated our small bathroom – I’ll try and share all our home updates with you if that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know!

Love, Am X




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