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As an avid reader of food blogs and food hauls on youtube myself, the one video I love to watch is what people buy for their weekly, or fortnightly shops. I find it fascinating, and inspiring from the comfort of my sofa; so I thought I should make what I like to watch/read.


Welcome to my fortnightly shop.

I shop for 2 weeks at a time because of a few reasons. It’s obviously less to do every weekend in terms of getting to the supermarket every weekend. It’s simple, we cook the first week, and freeze the rest so we have good meals the next week. When we first moved into our home we used to do shopping once a week but that didn’t last long as I couldn’t be planning meals every weekend – boring!!

I’m going to share my haul with you and show you what we bought for the first 2 weeks of the month. Please note, I will be doing Tesco for 2 weeks now, then Aldi for the second half of the month and we can compare the cost/amount of food for your money/quality of food for your money.

My bi-weekly shop costs around £150, so that’s £75/week for food for 2 of us. I’ve tried to reduce it and all that happens is that we’re forced to eat the kind of foods that are high processed and convenient, which is fine but I prefer fresh and healthy where I can, so the takeaways and McDonalds are balanced out a bit 🙂

For recipe inspiration, my go-to is

http://madeleineshaw.com (print-offs below, very well loved)


Ready Steady Glow (book below).

IMG_3733 2.jpg

As you can see, I really like what Madeleine Shaw is about. I like the ingredients involved, I like how long the meals take to cook and I really like how they taste!

To plan my meals, I go through the book and look for the next fun thing to make – the book is huge so there’s plenty of inspiration inside! I like to mix our meals; some fresh, some easier for the longer days when you KNOW you won’t want to cook, but you also know you don’t want to waste money on a takeaway. I try and get in plenty of fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits and beans.

IMG_3736 2

 I’m not just looking for dinner ideas, I’m also trying to find lunch inspiration. We both work full-time and for so many years just grabbed a sandwich, not to say I don’t do that now but I’m genuinely trying to cut down on bread and up my intake of better foods. I also like to blog about it, which is inspiration enough!

Today I’m trying this recipe below, and I’ll make enough for the week. As it’s made from long-lasting vegetables and lentils, these ingredients won’t go off soon, so I can make this again for next week, next weekend.

IMG_3738 2

Once I’ve got a list of my ingredients, I get to the shops! I don’t write my meals down yet as the shops might not have what I want/I might find good deals on offer and amend some meals as I go. Here’s this weeks haul:

IMG_3726 2IMG_3727 2IMG_3728 2IMG_3729 2IMG_3730 2

I tried to take a good photograph of it all but it’s simply too much for me to get into good photographs. We shall try a video one day… maybe.

You can see I buy things that are also a treat, like Ben & Jerrys, Magnums… nothing good comes from taking away ALL of your favourite things in life, you’ll just end up falling off the wagon! Once I know what I have, I write my meals onto my fridge list which is magnetic and sticks onto the fridge, what a winner 🙂 this means we just pick a meal from there before we leave for work and take out the relevant meat from the freezer then, ready for the evening.

IMG_3732 2

We’re also incredibly immature and write random things to each other on it – I’ll let you see the romantic messages though so you think we’re totally in paradise 😛 (we are really, but who likes being serious all the time?!!).

Things I’ve spoken about:

I’d love to see any of your grocery/food hauls!! I’m obsessed with reading/watching them 🙂

Am X


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