3 ways to reduce Anxiety


…If you’ve been reading my posts for a short while then you’ll probably know I experience anxiety and I’m very much interested in every-one talking about their anxiety more. Why? Because discourse encourages people to challenge one anothers ideas on anxiety and the ‘type of person’ that may experience it. We’re currently still fearful of talking too much about stress and or anxiety; some of us don’t understand it and some of us just can’t open up about it, we’re not ready. And that’s OK. So if you’d rather read this than talk to your friends/family about it, then you’re taking steps to help yourself and that’s something to be proud of.

So – I experience Anxiety. And I’m pretty sure I’ll experience it differently to you. Even though it’s a mental health issue and individuals may experience similar symptoms, our experiences are entirely different and we will react entirely different from one another in certain scenarios. After accepting my levels of Anxiety had increased beyond my expectation, I sought help. You can do this by contacting your GP, or you can go through Private Counselling for this. I feel very strongly that people seek counselling as a general life tool. Not just when things get bad, not just when things are scary, but when things are good but you want to keep your mental health positive. Think of it like this: you spend money on fruit, vegetables & health electricals to make sure your body is OK. You spend on the gym to ensure your fitness levels and heart are healthy, yet we spend nothing on looking after our minds. What’s that about!?!? Counselling can range from 30-60 GBP for a session, but so can the gym and the takeaway you just bought.

It’s all about prioritising yourself.


How am I currently seeking to reduce my anxiety? I’ve shared 3 tips below. Everyones enjoys different things, so try 1 or 2 and don’t just half try, really try. Focus on your mind and your thoughts; you’ll see amazing changes.


I can see you all snoring as you read this. The problem with new forms of ‘self-help’ is that it’s rammed down our throats at the first occasion and we’re believing it’s all a bit much before we’ve even tried it. It’s too overwhelming and sounds a bit random. What even is it?!

Mindfullness, to me, is the act of being in my present. Anxiety feeds off the obsession with the future, with preparing and controlling future events by over-thinking the possible outcomes just to protect our fear of the outcomes we don’t like. Mindfulness is a way to stop your thoughts getting to the point where you can’t move for fear of making the wrong decision — it works to get you to focus on what you’re doing. I’m practising it right now. Before, I’d be writing this, whilst thinking ‘where’s my phone?’ ‘have I answered that text?’ ‘Are the plans for tomorrow sorted?’. That’s a mild example, but the message is clear. I’m focusing on writing and thinking only about writing and how it makes me feel. I’m letting the other thoughts drift in and out but trying to keep my focus on this page. It’s really helped my mental health.


Yes, I know. I got this advice before and thought it was absolute rubbish. I said it doesn’t make me feel less anxious it just makes me feel a bit ridiculous. I didn’t understand that you need to focus your breathing asa tool. This includes breathing from my diaphragm every single morning for a few minutes and balancing out my physiological symptoms. I try and breathe from my diaphragm once every 2-3 hours just to keep any stress adrenaline balanced out.


Get a pad of paper and write your thoughts. Anything. If you’re feeling distant to your thoughts and feelings, write about something else, just get your experience on paper. It reminds you that you’re real, your feelings are real and your mind is really controlling your happiness. Writing my experiences and noticing when I’m feeling most anxious has identified my triggers and made me feel so much more in control of my own mind.

And remember…



Thank you so much for reading – I appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings 🙂 Am X

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