It’s time for me to give a fuck.

It’s time to start giving a fuck about mental health.

Mental health awareness has become a bigger part of media coverage, a bigger part of conversations, and a bigger part of society. We, as humans, have been experiencing mental health forever, but it’s only recently that our society has really started to acknowledge what we, as a species, are going through. I believe one of the biggest reasons that we are now able to discuss mental health issues, is because of media. Media: TV, newspapers, advertising. It all infiltrates our experience of society and affects everything, but ultimately our sense of self. So when media started talking about what we were really feeling, many people stood up and shouted their experience from the rooftops, and they’re the kind of people that get these movements going. By popular people talking about issues, somehow it encourages us to give ourselves validation of those experiences. We are essentially relying on the powerful to make us feel more powerful, by telling us of their powerlessness. Humanity, AH!

Anyway, the reason I’m writing to you today is because I want you to be aware of an amazing charity that is devoted to changing mental health, MQ.

We are MQ

“We want to create a world where mental illnesses are understood, effectively treated and one day made preventable”

As anyone with mental health knows, we don’t often attempt to understand somebody else’s mental illness. Our societal culture isn’t to stop a stranger and ask them how their mental health is — we would all think that was very very odd. But we should be. It would be AMAZING for conversations about mental health to be normal and for us all to take a little more time with one another and try to understand individuals for who they are. Even as I write this, I’m aware of the thoughts that may be going through peoples minds ‘I haven’t got time for that’, ‘I have enough of my own crap to deal with’. Doesn’t make us selfish, makes us a part of todays society.

The culture of a society is created and enforced by the people within it, yet often we never feel like we really have a voice or a say in what really should matter. We do, but we have to change our behaviours, and that starts with me and ends with you, every single one of you:


You can go onto their website to share your own photograph. It’s free and it takes 5 minutes, get involved!

Please ‘swear’ your allegiance to the cause in anyway you can. Maybe you can’t manage one of the options they’ve given, then just ask somebody tomorrow if they’re OK and wait for the answer. Maybe they’ll say ‘I’m fine’, as most of us do, but by somebody asking, sometimes that’s enough not to feel so alone.

I don’t want this blog post to be a nagging reminder of the things you haven’t done to be a great person in society, and it’s not advertisement of something popular or deemed interesting. This post is just to bring your awareness to a charity that is doing great work and personally I want people not to feel so alone in their mental experiences, so if we all did a little bit more, maybe we’d all feel a little bit better.

Am X

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