Monday Blues – How To Get Rid Of Them

Ummm, I’m not a magician, guys 😛 I write blog posts, that’s all, I don’t have the secret… There’s no key to ‘feeling good’ about going back to work, not even if you’re doing the job you’ve always wanted. Don’t lie to us, you people are also gutted that the break is over. We all are. We’re fuming. All we want is another week. Juuust another day would be wonderful. It’s not going to happen though. You’ve probably clicked on this because you want some ideas on how to feel better about going back to work, right? That’s why I’m here!


Does this photo make you feel motivated? I feel motivated looking at it so here’s what I think you should do to feel better about going back to work:

Remind yourself of the things you love about your job

Hard one right?! If you’re a teacher you’re absolutely thinking “I love it when the parents have them in half term– thats what I love!”. I can imagine. The kids are going to turn up on Monday and you’re going to turn up on Monday, whether that’s to the office, to the school or to dropping your kids off and doing chores/things that need to be done. Whatever your job is, Monday most people will be back at it. Get positive about your job. I know that for me I love the social aspect of the job. I enjoy catching up with colleagues and friends and seeing how their break has been. I also like focusing on something… that’s the reason this blog is even here, because I needed something to focus on. I need a focus, always. Although I love my blog and my GOSH would I want to do it full-time, it doesn’t pay my bills unfortunately.

Plan your next time off/your next break

Sometimes I almost think this encourages us losing track of being present in our daily lives. We’re mostly looking forward to Friday or the end of the working week. But I do think there’s a lot to be said in looking forward to things you enjoy and planning things that you work hard to afford. Maybe it’s a weekend away with your loved ones, maybe it’s a day trip somewhere on a weekend in February; maybe it’s getting your room painted in a few weeks time. WHATEVER it is, it will focus your mind on the positives that come from working hard and it could be the motivator for those early Monday mornings.

Invest your time in meal preparation

Seems random and only useful for those of us who are organised right? Yes, I absolutely include myself in that because I know if I don’t meal prep, I’ll come home tired and hungry and I’ll call dominos. I’ll spend money on that, and I won’t see results in eating healthily for my lunch (blog post just gone up on making homemade soups which will help you lose weight). I make meals such as Lentil Ragu (post here), which is so easy to make for dinner. I take it out of the freezer on the morning before I leave for work, cook rice for 10 minutes when I get back, BAM. Healthy dinner for me. I can definitely do a post on meal prep for the week and what I do to give you guys ideas should you need some. Let me know.

Do not open those e-mails yet. Just don’t.

I’m one of these people. I like to look at what I’m going in to and I think by knowing, it’ll be easier. That’s not true. All it does is get your head into work mode and strips you of your last days/hours off. It’s not a good idea. It also doesn’t change whether or not you’ll have to deal with that thing.

Say goodbye to Sunday night sleep

I have issue with those posts/comments where people say ‘get plenty of sleep ready for the next day! :)’ and I’m sat there like… I won’t. I simply won’t. My stress/anxiety levels are directly correlating to my sleep patterns. It’s a thing. I’ll spend Sunday thinking about work, then I’ll spend Sunday after 7pm dreading the fact MY time is over, and I’ll go to bed thinking about that. I won’t sleep until midnight and I’ll wake up at 6am (what a killer!) thinking “this. hurts. so. much.”. I’d like to name it the ‘break hangover’. Coined by AM, 2018. CHRIST ITS 2018, WHERE IS MY LIFE GOING?!!! Aaaanyway.

Eat chocolate and watch your favourite show/movie

This is the realistic stuff right. Nobody is going for a run on a Sunday evening before work the next day, unless they’re mad, and just the kind of person that I’ll forever wish I was and I’ll think of them fondly. Everyone needs comfort and they need to pretend they have weeks left. Wasn’t I talking about acceptance at the start of this? Yeah, life’s a circle of shit sorry guys… I said that with hope. Now I’m at defeat. Get the damn chocolate and enjoy your evening.

This is definitely not helpful – this is a post of ramblings. Enjoy.

Love, Am X


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