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Hi guys

This January I am doing 'current' favourites. You may have seen I've already done one on my current face favourites, now my hair favourites. This isn't an exhaustive list of things I like to use for my hair but it is exactly what is working for me right now.

To give you some hair background, my hair is quite dry. It is also quite light but there's a lot of it. It can get flat because it's not thick enough to hold it's own against the environment but it's also very easy to move and curl with because it's so light, so there's a silver lining. If I wash my hair with heavy products you can see it. My hair looks dull and flat. If I wash my hair with light products, it usually has body but then will be dry and will not have much shine and will frizz OUT. It's hard work getting your hair to be what you want it to be, right?!

I felt that way until I used these 3 products together. Now my hair is light and fresh, but manageable and holds curls without being frizzy. I love these three products and they're cheap! I've popped links to the products on their titles but it's cheaper sometimes to go to your local supermarket, I just wanted you to see the online options of where to buy it and what product exactly I'm on about. Enjoy reading x

Simple Shampoo & Conditioner

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 Sounds simple, right? *laughs at own pun*.

To be honest I've heard a lot of different things about Simple but I find their haircare amazing for my hair! It's light, I trust whats inside the product and it's £2.50 for each product. Which, these days, is actually competitive. Shampoo and Conditioner costs so much more than I remember it costing! I've spent plenty on it before, thinking if it costs more it works better. That's simply not true. I love these products and my hair does too!

Do you struggle with frizzy hair?

I do, everyday. I've tried many products and found great ones, but never this cheap! My current favourite is the 

Body Shop Detangling Spray


I enjoy this product because it smells great, it is quite cheap and it sorts out the mess that is my frizzy mop!! I wash my hair with Simple Shampoo & Conditioner and then spray 3 sprays of this into the ends of my hair. I then leave it for hours to naturally dry and when I wake up/it's dry, it's SO manageable and I can just pop some curls in it for the day ahead. Easy peasy! I really recommend this product if you've got thin and frizzy hair, let me know if you use it and see the difference.

Only a quick one today.

Love, Am X

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  1. February 21, 2018 / 8:51 pm

    Simple is one of my absolute favorite brands right now. I’ve been using their moisturizer and my skin has never been this clear! Will definitely have to see if I can find some hair care products and try them out. Also, I have a gift box of all that strawberry scented stuff from the Body Shop and I’m obsessed with the smell! So yummy!

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