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It’s been a while & there’ll be a post about why soon, but today I wanted to share some thoughts on stress. This is for the people who feel stressed right now, or are sensitive to stress and can feel overwhelmed by it.

Stress is always referred to negatively. I can’t think of a time somebody has said to me “I feel so stressed, this is great!”. It’s seen as the restrictor, the limiter and the mental health attacker. And it absolutely is. Partly. But what could you make you feel less stressed? What’s the key to adapting to stress becoming a bigger part of your life?


I often talk to my friends about stress and mostly how tired we all are all of the time. It’s a constant conversation. “I’m so tired, wish it was Friday!” And we’re serious when we say it. I feel incredibly tired much of the time, as do my friends. Apparently most of us do. But why?

Because we’re focusing on it and how to manage it, rather than focusing on not managing it, experiencing the stressful moment and letting it go…

I’m trying a new focus where instead of focusing on my tiredness levels, I’m focusing on the time I have available to do things I enjoy in the day. When stress levels are high, you’re going to burn out & you’re going to do it quickly. You’ll lose the balance you have in your life whereby you sometimes work and you sometimes spend time doing what you want to do and enjoying yourself. When that starts to imbalance, you’ll be constantly thinking of the things you have to do, or could have to do; whirring over and over about something not that important yet it’s start to become the biggest thing on your mind. What’s happening? Anxiety has joined the party. Anxiety is smart. It waits until your mental health has been pushed to its limits before it pokes its head out *unless of course you experience anxiety everyday*. So really, it kicks you when you’re down. How can I combat my anxiety and stress??? The ever asked question…

I have a few ways in order to combat mine and keep feeling positive:

Sleep. Sleep like it’s going out of fashion. If you’re fancying a nap, you’re probably tired. If you’re not sleeping because of the anxiety, try and get yourself so tired that you have to sleep, jogging or going to the gym could help.

Relax. This one is always the silly comment. It’s the thing that anyone can advise but it’s SO hard to do when you’re stressed. I am able to relax by completely taking myself out of my mind, whether that’s gaming or watching a show or having a goss with friends and a glass of wine as a treat. But it’s not easy. I have to consciously make an effort to leave my mind, which is hard if you feel being on top of things is your strength. If you’re struggling to ever feel relaxed then meditation might be one for you. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

– Talk about it. Tell your friends you’re feeling low or tell your partner or parents. You’ll find many other people having similar mental health experiences. Everyone is fighting something, we STILL don’t talk about it.

Look after you. If you’ve taken on too much and you know you need a break, let yourself take the break. Pick your battles, you don’t always need to be running around getting stuff done. You are allowed a break. Life can become too much very quickly if we don’t look after ourselves.

If you’re feeling stressed right now, I hear you. I’ve been there & it feels bloody awful. Take control, by letting go. Just let that shit go. If it’s about work, you’re not there right now, it’s a job, it’s not who you are, walk away mentally.

If it’s about relationships, take a break, mentally if you can’t physically, shut it down. You need you. Forget the rest right now.


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