Re-styling my boyfriend via ASOS

Hey guyssss!

This is a collaboration with Closet Monkey, who has a youtube channel and also happens to be my lovely boyfriend. This is the post I have been waiting to do, I just had to persuade him to let me. He isn’t into fashion, and looking fashionable definitely isn’t at the top of his priorities. I wouldn’t really say it was near the top of mine, but I like to dip in and out. He’s very kindly let me style him, with the side note that he will ‘probably not wear any of it’. Cheek. He doesn’t know how good it’s going to look yet!!

I went onto ASOS with a budget of £200 and picked out a few things that I would LOVE to see him in, it’s totally for me and not about his style. So girls, come and indulge in this with me.

If you want to see us talking about this, head over to his youtube channel! You can see our reactions and we discuss the clothes in detail: 

Things I would say before we get into this:

  • Glen is built like a rugby player, and is about 6’1 so we go for larger sizes for his arms and shoulders. We buy Large for t-shirts, XL for jumpers and coats.
  • This is from ASOS only, even though there are different brands within the shop, it’s all bought via ASOS. There’s brands such as Pull & Bear, New Look & ASOS own brand.
  • You can click on anything you like by clicking on the name of the piece of clothing. Happy shopping!



Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 15.11.39

I really like a relaxed style, but with a country style edge, as you’ll see…

The first piece I bought for him was an autumnal jumper. He doesn’t really have many jumpers, one or two. He’s more of a hoody guy, so this was the perfect opportunity to get him into a knitted jumper! I was so excited. I picked Selected Homme Knitted Jumper With High Neck stocked in ASOS



This jumper fits really well, fits his arms as well as on his body. The sizing is true to size and the quality is gorgeous. We loved this jumper, but he wasn’t so sure about spending £50. I get that, it is a lot of money for 1 jumper.

Next I thought he always wears similar t-shirts, with a geeky/cool design on the front. I wanted to get him something a bit more trendy, to see if he liked it. This t-shirt is New Look Colour Block T-Shirt In Black And Grey

img_9528.jpgThe grey colour in this was not as nice as I expected, you can tell it’s quite cheap as the material is thin. It does suit his shape, but he isn’t sold, you can see his thoughts on the youtube video.

This next choice is my favourite piece!! I love this jacket so much. It’s the Jack & Jones Core Borg Lined Jacket

IMG_5086Absolutely gorgeous green colour, the lining is so soft and cosy and the quality of the outside of the jacket is also good. It sits well on his shape, it’s just too small on the arms. It’s a pricey piece, which puts Glen off straight away though…

The next piece I chose with him in mind. I thought he wouldn’t really go for the colour, but I knew he loved hoodies. This is the Asos Hoodie With Roman Numerals Print

IMG_5572What we both love about this hoody is the pockets, and the fit. It’s a really casual piece, with a statement on the front, Glen’s comfort zone. Also my comfort zone!! I love a hoody myself so can’t really comment on that.

With all these tops, I had to get a new pair of autumn/winter boots right?! These boots are called Asos Lace Up Boots In Brown Leather With Cleated Sole

The quality of these boots is great. The bottom of them is a bit strange though, and they’re quite hard to get your foot into. But if you have a particularly narrow foot, you may find it OK to get your foot into. They’re slightly pricey, but I think shoes are worth spending on, along with coats.

The last piece was this Pull&bear Regular Fit Twill Shirt In Dusty Pink. This colour is so flattering in real life. On the website, I thought ‘he has nothing pinky, this would be going out of his comfort zone’, but actually it’s such a muted pink it’s absolutely lovely.


 I would say the sizes are quite small, so although this fits, he didn’t really have space to move in it, so size up!



IMG_8511 I just love this outfit. It’s an incorporation of his style and mine, I think he looks great!

We go into the quality, sizing, expectation and thoughts on ASOS as a whole on the video we filmed together:

What do you guys think he should keep??? I love the coat and the dusty pink shirt!

Am x




  1. November 15, 2017 / 5:14 pm

    I would love to give my boyfriend a fashion makeover and to get rid of some of his “older” pieces of clothing (like items he hasn’t worn in 10 years just taking up space in his closet). I’m unfamiliar with Asos, but I’ve been hearing a lot about them recently, and they seem legit and affordable, so I’ll definitely have to check them out for myself after the holidays!

    Also, I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! Post your nomination if you have time. You can find my post here: 😊

    • November 15, 2017 / 8:32 pm

      He wouldn’t let me do this for a while, he came round to the idea when I said I’d do a YouTube video with him haha! Asos are good I think. Affordable and good quality if you buy the right brands!

      Aww thank you Liz that’s very kind!! I appreciate that a lot 🙂 xx

      • November 15, 2017 / 8:33 pm

        No problem! Let me know when and if you post your nomination!

  2. November 15, 2017 / 7:19 pm

    Haha I love this and your boyfriend is so nice to help out 😛

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