Self-care: What it is and why does it matter?

Self-care is often referred to when discussing mental health or just mentioned as a ‘tip’ to feel better when you aren’t feeling so great. I used to think ‘what’s that?’, and even when it was described to me, I still didn’t quite get why it mattered so much. Finding ways to self-care, is to focus on what you enjoy, and making time for it. It’s about prioritising yourself over everyone else, when you feel you need to.


How I ‘self-care’:

  • Treat myself. I am a big foodie so I like to get a takeaway or pick up my favourite crisps on the way home from work.
  • Take time out. I like to close my door to the world, and rejuvenate. If you find your energy is low, just remove yourself from the world, get into your safe, comfortable space and relax.
  • Say ‘no’. Simple, right? I try to say no to things that don’t make me feel great, or I simply don’t have enough energy or time to do.
  • Take a bath with my favourite bath salts.
  • Turn off my phone, or leave it in a different room. You don’t need to be available all of the time.
  • Buy flowers for myself. I LOVE flowers, they’re one of my favourite things in the world.

Why do these things matter?

  • Grabbing myself a treat matters. It’s like saying to yourself ‘you’re doing great, you have earned that treat’. It’s a recognition to yourself that you’re working hard.
  • I’m taking time out of my life, that is sometimes consumed by others needs and wants, for me. It matters because I need to focus on me every so often.
  • Saying no is an art and a skill that I wish I had when I was younger. It enables me to manage the time in my life to spend on what I want, not what I feel I should.
  • Taking a bath is time for you and only you. It’s a space where you can’t get up and run around cleaning, you get a chance to sit with your thoughts and relax.
  • Turning off your phone is SO important in todays society. We’re so linked to it, we live from the interactions and from finding out what others are doing. That doesn’t matter, you matter. Re-align your priority.
  • Buying flowers for my home makes it feel like a home. It says ‘I live here and I bloody love it’, which I feel, but it’s nice to see it reflected in the environment.

How do you like to ‘self-care’?

Am x

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