My Favourite Accessory: The Scarf

“Am! You don’t need any more scarves!” — Am’s boyfriend, everyday…

I have around 40 scarves for all seasons, colours, patterns & designs; but there are 4 that are my absolute favourites for autumn/winter & so I thought I’d tell you all about them (and they’re totally affordable!) I’ll go left to right, to make it a little easier to track my thoughts.


#1 — The Tartan; Red, Navy & Grey

This is just absolutely stunning and special as my partner bought it for me for our 6 year anniversary of being together. What a bloody awesome pick for a guy!! (I don’t mean that as sexist as it sounds!!). The colours are perfect for autumn, the length is perfect as it sits just below your knee so it’s not as long as the previous scarf. If you wear this with a dark grey long jumper, tights & boots; you’re going to look DAMN GOOD.


You have to appreciate it when your partner takes a photo for you & says ‘this will be great for your blog!’ Brownie points to him.


As you can see, the red tones are absolutely stunning, the best part about this scarf without a doubt.


I can’t not put this photograph in; it’s Louie’s 3rd appearance on aannmareidoeslife!


2. ASOS Monki Oversized Grey Tassle Scarf

This is the SOFTEST scarf I have. It’s also the cosiest. It’s the one I go to when I’m feeling very tired in the morning and want some comfort. It goes with everything because it has dark brown, black, white and cream tones. It’s long so you can wear it as draped down, but it’s also thin enough to wrap it around you a few times and let yourself believe you’re still in bed. What a dream. I bought this around 1 week ago, so it should be still available. I LOVE Monki, they do such cool clothes, really affordable and individual. They follow trends, but put their own mark on it. They’re just great. I always filter to see their brand on ASOS when I’m looking for inspiration.


I had to put this by my bag, so you could see how long it is!

IMG_3044 I hope this photograph shows the fuzzy & cosy quality of the scarf.


Just LOOK at the detail. I absolutely LOVE this scarf. I feel like it was made specifically for me. Not big headed at all.


3. ASOS Orange & Brown Scarf

WARNING – the one I’m talking about is last season! They don’t sell it anymore. But they do sell something similar which I’d buy if I was looking for one this season (which is what I’ve linked for you).

This scarf is so warm. Like, just wear a thin top & leggings under it because it’s going to take every inch of body heat you have & use it to keep you warm. I stupidly wore this one with a coat and all the extras, and honestly I had to basically strip. It’s so thick, has wool in it so it’s extra warm. The colours are stunning. It has copper and dark brown running through it and in large patches.


Don’t be put off by the bobbling; it’s made of wool so it’s bound to look worn!


4. TopMan Grey Scarf

Some scarves just look VERY pretty, but don’t have the warmth to them, or the quality. This scarf is pure quality; there’s no two ways about it. It goes with anything. The link however, is to eBay, as TopMan no longer sell this! 


I’ve worn it over summer dresses with converse… (it’s like I knew I’d be writing this post ;))


I’ve worn it over jeans and a shirt… (I was particularly enjoying myself in Berlin in this photograph)


& I’ve worn it for autumn, over jumpers, tights & boots.


Thank you SO much for reading, I appreciate the support & I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please let me know if you’d like to see anything else from me, I can try and provide some interesting content for you!

Hope to see you soon!

Am xXx




  1. Ce
    October 14, 2017 / 8:22 pm

    Well this inspired me to dig out my favourite winter scarf, a bright red twisted woollen scarf from M&S. It also got me thinking about investing in a new one, maybe another more autumnal colour. As if I need any more of an excuse to buy a new scarf 😂 #welovescarvesclub

    • October 14, 2017 / 8:23 pm

      Christmas & birthday presents sorted for one another forever 😂

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