The perfect Autumn boots: Head Over Heels by Dune Pilar Ankle Boots

Every year, September comes around and I find myself looking for the perfect everyday boot.

Every single year.

And sometimes I find cute boots for evenings out, or for special occasions, but I really struggle to find a nice pair, that are reasonably priced, and will last the season.

I would say I’m not very daring with my boot style. I like black, and I like a certain cut, where it elongates your legs, rather than creating a stumped look. If the boot is too round, it doesn’t look right on me. If the boot is too narrow, I look like a right doughnut. So to find the middle ground is AMAZING. And that’s why I’m writing this post, because I’ve found them.

They are the Head Over Heels by Dune, Pilar Ankle Boot. I bought them from ASOS as there was 20% off for students so I got them much cheaper!!

Unbox my shoes with me...

When your shoes arrive and you don’t even attempt to be gracious in your unboxing — you try and take a photo for the benefit of the blog but it takes all of your self-discpline…


You can see that when I’m trying to take any photographs, there is a little dude called Louie that loves to be on camera. He waits until I’m sat down and then jumps in shot and does this pose that suggests he knew nothing about it. A true natural.

I should have really posted this title with the ending ‘ft. Louie’:


I almost fear this part. When you’re unwrapping it and you’re thinking to yourself ‘I hope I like them’ even though you’ve tried them on, or have seen lots of photographs of them. You just always have that quiet voice in your head that is praying for the boot to be as cute as it looked.

As you can see, the front of the boot is a suede material, with the back being more of a standard, water resistant material. The heels are only a few inches (I don’t do heels…I do slippers and boy-ish-ness). The best part of these boots though, really are the way they sit on your feet. I’m around a size 5-5.5 and these are size 5. They fit SO perfectly. They’re fitted but because of the material of the back of the shoe, it enables you to really move around in them. This is important as over time the shoe will get looser so you want them to be fitted first of all. But of course, not too fitted where your foot hurts, that’s just painful full stop.

One of my favourite details of this boot is at the top of the zip. It’s a charm and because there is a zip on the inside to get your foot in, the charm always looks cute.


How do they look and feel?


 They look great, they’re very flattering on my legs which can look a bit swollen at this time of the month if you know what I mean. I’m really pleased with how they sit on the foot and their shape.


I then got dressed, asked my very kind boyfriend to take some photographs of my outfit for me (what a darling). I then went for lunch, went shopping to Tesco to get Krispy Kremes to test how comfortable they were over a few hours. You’ve got to check these things, right? THEY ARE SO COMFY. I’m in love.

I do love piecing plain colours together, with a stand-out colour and I think green is blinkin’ lovely! Especially if you have blonde tones in your hair. It’s all in the details, the charm on the boot, the tied up belt in the over-shirt.

My next post will be on the perfect autumn coat that I’m yet to find – any inspiration out there?!


Hope you enjoyed guys, Am xXx





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