Transitioning my style into Autumn with Brave Soul via ASOS

Fashion has always been to me about self-expression. Whether that’s through the colours, patterns or the cuts of the clothing. I’m not the kind of girl who likes to wear heels, or be covered in makeup. I’m a pretty chilled person, and if it were acceptable I would be in jeans and t-shirts at all times. My favourite brand to get this look is Brave Soul on ASOS, I’ll go into more detail about the pieces below. I try and incorporate my preferences all year around, and if you’re more of a tom-boy like me, maybe this will remind you of your wardrobe.

1. Cotton & Denim


Two of my favourite things to wear all year around. Cotton is the perfect material for hot and cold weather. On the hotter days when you want to feel lighter and cooler you can tie a cotton shirt up, and pair it with a denim skirt. I wasn’t and am not a skirt girl. The thought of wearing a skirt might fill me with slight (absolute) panic. But this skirt is so flattering if you’re small at your waist and larger at your hips. It’s fitted but moves with your body, so you can get the shape right whilst being able to move around very easily. It’s also cheap as chips and the material is great.

It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it’s me.

For the summer, you can wear the ASOS Moss Copenhagen Shirt tied or tucked into the ASOS “Brave Soul Denim Button Through Midi Skirt” – this is out of stock!! 🙁 sorry guys but I’m sure there’s other options online. Let me know if you want me to find you one!

For the autumn you can untie this cotton shirt, tuck it into the skirt and pop a cute cotton/cashmere jumper on top. If you’re going out, pop on some tights and boots, and you’d be good to go.

  • Top Tip: Change the skirt for jeans which have a slight gap at the ankle and low rise boots for the more relaxed look

2. Long t-shirts & leggings


I absolutely love this look of a basic top/dress and leggings with accessories to dress it up. A great jacket, a cute bag & a nice scarf are my 3 favourite accessories. Basic tops are so cheap and can be so versatile. I’m a size 12, which is just below the UK average so I guess I’m talking about many people when I say that we don’t want clothing to be fitted, we want it to be flattering. That’s not me saying size 12 isn’t a great size because it absolutely is, all sizes are great. Aim for happy, not for a certain size.

For the summer, wear the ASOS Brave Soul Turtle Neck Swing Dress, pop a pair of shorts under, just remove the jacket and change the converse for a pair of slides

For the autumn, change the converse for a pair of boots and wrap around a nice warm scarf.

  • Top tip: Focus on getting the basics, and change the accessories daily. Fashion doesn’t have to be that expensive.


3. Change up your greatest accessory: your hair


Your hair is your greatest accessory. Changing the colour and style can enable you to feel more positive and change your perspective. I’ve always wanted to pop a bit of colour in my hair, but as I work in an office I was concerned it wouldn’t be worth it as I’d have to keep it up most of the time. As I’m on my time off; this is a 13-15 wash dye, so won’t last more than a few weeks, but it’s made me feel brand new. I also only put the purple on the underneath, so when my hair is down you can only see the purple when your hair is moving or if you want to put your hair into a style that shows it off. I like that I can choose whether or not to show it off.

I used Schwarzkopf LIVE Ultra Brights 094 Purple Punk Hair Dye. 

This hair dye is great if your hair is already lightened, bleached or otherwise. If it isn’t already blonde, it will just be a tint that you will see in good lighting. If you want the colour like mine, you will need to bleach the ends first with a Blonde hair dye, then 24 hours later pop some of the purple on. I have done it because I know that if I don’t like it I’ll just cut my hair shorter, but if you are attached to your length or just don’t accept that your hair ends may be ruined by the dye, then I wouldn’t advise doing it.

Thanks for reading guys, let me know if you want to know more about any of the products or have similar ways of transitioning your expression throughout the year!


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