5 products I’m glad I tried

“I like the sound of that product! But I want to sample it before I invest.”


Every month I receive a Look Fantastic Beauty Box, as a birthday gift. I absolutely love it, because it enables me to try things I would never have the time to go and try/would never be able to justify buying at full price every month. Often, the box comes with some Skincare, some haircare & some self-care based items such as a health shot, or a hairbrush.

This months box introduced this product to me:

Gatineau Gentle Silk Cleanser.


I have used this as a second cleanse as the scent and the product quality is too nice for the first cleanse. It works well at pulling off any remaining dirt or makeup off my face at the end of the day after I use the Clinique Take the Day Off which is an amazing first cleanse product.

My favourite buy of this month has to be Garnier Ultimate Blends 3-in-1 Mask.


Over the past 10 years I’ve coloured and bleached my hair blonde, I’ve used heat for styling and I’ve generally not taken much care of it. As I’m starting to get slightly older, I’m making sure I’m looking after what I have. This mask is just gorgeous. It smells like absolute summer, it’s so softening for my coarse and dry hair, and it was £5!! I just love it and couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s really changed my hair’s condition.

The 3rd favourite this month is James Read Gradual Tan Mist6243764672_IMG_0980.JPG

This product is perfect for you if you fake tan your body but you can never find any kind products for tanning the face! I put some of this mist on in the evening after I have cleansed, moisturised and toned my face and go to sleep in it. It works as a gradual tan over night to give some tan to your face and to put it into context, I am fair skinned but very pale and this makes me look healthy, not orange! When I wake up my face has a light golden glow and I just pop some mascara on and off I go!

To fake tan my body I use Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion in Deep.


This is amazing if you’re really pale and don’t want to look orange, as you can really control the amount of tan that this creates. I have a bath or shower, then pop this all over my body as if it’s a moisturiser. You can’t see how dark it is or where it is going so make sure you’re getting it in the places you need to. It can be a little sticky when you first put it on but I think it’s worth it because the tan I wake up with is just lovely. It’s so CHEAP, it’s around £2.50 at the moment as it’s on offer! So if you need an excuse to try it, now is the time. A bottle usually lasts me a few months, so if you bought 2 you’d be good for a while. The tan lasts a few days, I only use it when I feel I look particularly pale, or when the sun is coming out, which actually isn’t that often in the UK to be really honest, but it’s a good go-to.

My final favourite is Lottie London Lip Balm.

6176642768_IMG_0931My lips are quite thin and sensitive, so when I saw this I thought ‘that’s never going to work for me’. But actually it works perfectly. I put some on first thing in the morning before I apply my lipstick and it just sits beneath it and enables the pigmentation of the lipstick to stand out. I pop some on when I get out of the shower and it’s improved the dryness of my lips a lot. It’s not small enough to pop in my pocket, but it’s small enough to sit in my bag so I can apply some on my way to work – which works for me! I find lipsticks come off my lips so easily because they’re dry and I drink so much coffee that nothing stays on! Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a nice balm to improve dry lips.

What have been your favourites recently? Let me know!


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