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Let’s make meal times exciting together



Getting home from work, or from a long day and all you want to do is lay on the sofa, order a takeaway and relax. Cooking might be the last thing you want to do, and the crisps are just too easy to grab. They’re ready to eat, no effort involved.

I’m a massive fan of the rubbish foods, the chipshop, the takeaway, the crisps… but what I’ve tried to take control of in my life is what I’m putting into my body. First of all I was using Madeliene Shaw’s website which is a free site to use where she shares all her home-grown recipes and they’re not silly recipes that you just think ‘I’m no chef’, they’re quick, easy and accessible. I printed off a few and started trying them out. If you’re not sure you’re going to like something, you don’t want to spend money yet, right?! After the first meal, I was hooked. Please bear in mind now I’m a pizza and chips girl. I’d eat carbs until they were gone, a ‘share’ bag of crisps are not shared in my house. Oh no.

It is different with Madeleine Shaw’s book. She provides exactly what she advertises on the front of the book: Fresh, Fast Food Designed for Real Life. I invested around £30 in the ingredients she uses constantly, the herbs and the spices, the sauces and the sauce bases. Things like garam masala spice which is 85p, stuff like fish sauce which is £1. They’re so cheap, but once you invest, you don’t have to buy again for months, you get your baseline.

First of all: Plan your food shop by the recipes. Take an hour out of your life and plan your meals for the next 2 weeks:


Once you’ve confirmed which 7 meals you’d like to try from the book, you just need to note down the ingredients to buy. I do this by listing them on paper such as:

Garlic ||

Onions |||

Tomato Puree |

Coconut Oil |

If you list your ingredients like this you’ll know the amount you need to buy, such as a pack of 4 or just an individual 1. This also prevents waste, we hardly have any food waste since we’ve changed how we do our meals.

Sea bass with broccoli mash and walnuts (we don’t like capers, so simply didn’t use them) has been one of the tastiest and cheapest meals! I’d usually buy meatballs, a jar of sauce and some pasta and chuck it all in together. It would take me 20 minutes and cost about £5-7. Now I spend the same amount of time but using all fresh ingredients and it tastes amazing! It looks pretty special too:


It took around 20 minutes to make, and 5 minutes to eat, with my appetite!! It was nutty, oily and tasty beyond belief.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on meal times just let me know and I can do a post on how I plan my meals, or what meals are cheaper/easier to make. Let me know your thoughts 🙂


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