Organise your beauty space

        “I need more space for my products!”

IMG_1261With a new home comes a blank canvas for style and inspiration. I had never really experienced a space where I could design and organise for myself, so I wasn’t sure where to start when I purchased my first home. But over the months I’ve found my own inspirations on Pinterest (what on gods earth would we do without Pinterest.) and Instagram. Some of the ideas are long-term, some are shorter-term and the short-term ideas are the ones I’m going to share with you today. I had found plenty of inspiration from a lot of brands, but when it came to organising and simple tips that are easily done, IKEA always wins it for me.

Organising my makeup, skin care and beauty products was previously easy. I had minimal make-up and didn’t purchase much in the form of skin-care as I was naively relying on my youth to make my skin look good, and I was saving for a house so money was not available for self-indulgent things such as skin-care (again, I was naive.) After a few months, I started to focus my spend on skin-care and make-up, which consequently caused me to need a place to keep it organised. I didn’t have to look far for the IKEA MALM Dresser – my friend already had it and once I saw it I loved it.


What I really love about this furniture is it’s simple but classic style. It’s thin enough to sit into the smaller spaces, but provides enough storage for all your beauty needs. As you can see, I separate out the products by their use and their category; hair brushes, hair care, lip and eye makeup, skin care and foundation and face makeup. By categorising them this way, I am able to quickly grab whatever I feel my skin needs, without wading through all the products in one drawer. To separate them, I use the bottom of the boxes that come for my LookFantastic Beauty Box Subscription (which I can do a review of this month if you would like – let me know on comments). The boxes are short enough to fit in just right and provide the right amount of space for each category.


My other favourite piece from IKEA is their TRENSUM Mirror. SO cheap and practical, it has two sides, one normal, and one magnified for when I want to take a closer look at my skin to see how it is and also for when I’m doing winged eye-liner and freaking out (the pressure is real with that shizz).

Since purchasing these products, my beauty room is so organised, everything is kept tidy but it’s also so easy to get to and quick to find the right things.

Organising is therapeutic, do you agree?


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