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My every-day make-up has taken years to perfect. I started off with Rimmel at the age of 16, and I still love Rimmel to this day. Over the years I have tried and tested many products and these are the current products that provide me with the coverage, the quality and the natural look. I’m definitely not a make-up guru, nor do I pose to be one. However, I think the average woman appreciates feeling good, and these are the products that enable me to feel my best everyday.

The most important part of your make-up has to be your skin-care, to prepare the face for foundation and to look after yo’ skin! It’s the only face you’ll get. I really enjoy the Balance Me Moisturiser – it does exactly what it says; it balances out my part oily, part dehydrated skin. It sits great under my foundation, too. I would say the 15ml has lasted me 3 months so far, so it’s definitely worth investing for 6 months use.

I have used many foundations. Some have taken ALL the moisture from my skin, some have created oil because my skin is so dry and some have just been the wrong consistency for my skin. When I found Laura Gellar Quench & Tint Hydrating Foundation, I was beyond pleased! My dry/dehydrated/sometimes oily skin couldn’t be happier. I like it to feel light, whilst hydrating my skin, whilst giving me light-medium coverage. I bought this from Cult Beauty and after some unforeseen issues, it arrived in a week. I have enjoyed using that online store!

I can’t leave the house without wearing mascara. It’s a thing. I have really light eye lashes and not the biggest eyes, so if I don’t wear mascara, I look very odd and don’t feel myself at all. I have used Maybelliene mascaras over the year and I’ve really enjoyed them, but when I tried Zoeva Graphic Lash Mascara I was excited for something new. The first application was so good I was shocked! The only negative with this mascara is that its very wet, so if you put it on your bottom lashes, you will have some fall-out/rub off from it over the day, so I keep it on my top lashes only.

Hot Makeup Bronzer is so good! It’s the right tone for my ashy skin-tone and it sits on the skin so lightly that you don’t get that muddy look that you can sometimes get with the wrong bronzer for your skin. I use it to warm my pale complexion up through the summer (and winter) months. I’m so pleased I received this with my monthly LookFantasticBeautyBox!

Finally, my favourite lipstick yet. I have quite small lips and although I don’t really mind that, and am certainly not rushing to have that amended anytime soon, I do like them to be as full as possible. The Rimmel 210 Mauve-ment is the perfect every-day nude, I’m pretty sure it’s the same colour as my lips so sits on them so naturally and easily. My pale complexion doesn’t allow me to go crazy with a strong red lip, unless I’m tanned or wearing a winged eye liner. I also want something I can chuck on every-day. I am a Rimmel girl at heart, and you’ll see that in every post in the future. It’s so affordable and good quality, why would you pay more?! My other go-to is Bourjois 40 Rose Incognito which is more pinky and perfect for dinner with friends!

What do you guys wear on a daily basis on your skin? Have you got any recommendations for a fair complexion?

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