How I Make Potato & Leek Soup in 5 minutes

As we reach the first 1,000 views of my blog, I wanted to do a quick post about my actual life and things I do day-to-day particularly. You all keep reading what I’m writing (you’re all mad. but I love it.) and so I’m assuming you might want to see a bit more of my everyday life. So here’s a Sunday morning talk through, chatting about food, my favourite.

My usual Sunday consists of this:

  • Making Soups/lunches for the week ahead. Working full time means organisation is key at the moment.
  • Walking — I have a sit down job (mostly) and I enjoy the soft exercise (ain’t nobody finding me in no gym — HELL NO). I love being outside and the fresh air.
  • Relaxing. I find all the chocolate in the house…locate it like the fly that I am, grab a blanket & HELLO Blogs/Youtube.

Life is about balance.

So here’s the balance:

What I buy to make the Potato & Leek Soup (£3)


These ingredients will last you 2 weeks of lunches, there’s no processed cr*p involved and it takes 5 minutes (then 25 for the soup maker) every 3 days. It’s hardly a chore, right? I pop it on on a Sunday, then a Wednesday I’ll take 5 minutes to just make some more. It’s healthy, quick & the soup maker is so convenient. It means I can spend time doing other things that I love, like writing these posts, or eating. *insert piglet emoji*.

What I use to make 3 days worth


4 Potatoes, 1 Leek, 2 OXO Cubes & Hot Water.

Roughly chop these bad boys up & pop them in the soup maker. Boringly quick.

If you want watery soup, put the water up to the ‘Maximum’ mark. If you want creamy soup, put another potato in the mix and put the water up to ‘Minimum’.

Choose whether you want it chunky, or smooth. I’m a smooth lady (in the charming sense, too, might I add), so I press smooth mode, and then start.

Leave it be for 21 minutes.

Then, Sit back and relax for 20 minutes, or if you’re like me, run around like a headless chicken getting the washing in the machine, telling the cats to keep their dirty paws out of the room, and feeding them treats to get them to go away. (I’ll make such a great mother, it’s a fact).

The Soup Maker beeps to let you know it’s finished, just like the washing machine. Oh aren’t we conditioned for the beeps in this modern life

 I pop it into this container just so it can cool down; takes about 20 minutes but again, just leave it be.

Once it’s cool, I pour my preferred amount into the containers I bought from Amazon, and they’re BLINKING GREAT. LET ME TELL YOU. I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THESE AND I’M 26 AND THAT’S OK TO BE EXCITED ABOUT SOUP HOLDER’S RIGHT?!

IMG_3149.jpg They’re the perfect size for your bag, they have a small circle plastic opening at the top so you can push this in when popping these straight from the fridge to the microwave. They’re CHEAP. Like, under £10 for the 4. I’m obsessed. I would link you guys up, but they’re currently unavailable (I think they’re really popular), but I found these ones which I’m sure do the same thing: Soup Cup Holder’s

Once you have the soup in these, place them in the fridge, then it’s just a case of taking them to work with you, and microwaving when hungry. It’s SO simple. I just love it. Simplicity is my life’s aim. I also don’t like eating too much bread if I can help it, the bloating can be real. TMI there guys, no worries 🙂 HA

If you enjoyed this and want more ‘cook with me’ style videos that are quick and easy to do — let me know! Comment below if you do something similar or have other ideas?!

Am xXx

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