ASOS Autumn Coats: Try On With Me

Living in the UK has meant it’s been autumn/winter since September. So, considering it’s October, I thought it may be time to see what coats are out there & look for the perfect coat for Autumn/Winter. I chose a range of price points from ASOS so we could really see what different amounts of money will get you online (£30-80, Click the titles for prices). I like a lot of styles of coats, but don’t tend to go beyond the greys, navy & black. Usually. Here, I go out of my comfort zone a bit with a bright pink (!!) & you’ll see what I think.

1. ASOS Slim Coat with Faux Fur Trim

IMG_3101The faux fur trim is just stunning. There’s no 2 ways about it; it’s an absolutely beautiful coat.

IMG_3104As you can see, the cut just isn’t great on me and the pockets are in an unflattering position– it’s a straight down coat and because I’ve got hips & a short torso, it doesn’t suit me at all.

IMG_3097 I love that you can see what a gorgeous colour it is.

My thoughts?
This coat is absolutely stunning. Just beautiful. The quality is gorgeous, it’s pretty heavy, the colour grey is the perfect grey & even the faux fur trim is lovely quality. It’s a box cut, meaning it sits very straight on the body and there’s not much room for melting into your figure, which is a nightmare for me as an hourglass/pear shape. This coat is perfect for the slender, straight down girls — I would keep it just for it’s beauty if I was rich!

2. Noisy May Tall Parka Jacket With Faux Fur  Trim Hood

IMG_3116 2I want to wrap myself up in this gorgeous hood, it’s huge and I blinking love it!

IMG_3118There’s a story to the paint on my boots and my giggly smile. Can we please note my Dune heeled boots and the paint on them. I thought I was being all glamorous and finding a great spot for pictures on my decking; turns out I was finding a great spot to fall on my bum in!! Hilarious. Luckily, nobody saw. Well the entire internet is seeing now, but that’s fine, I can hold my head high and say I actually got a picture so it’s worth it OK. HA (I’ve done a whole post on them).

IMG_3108I love the length — I feel like it would cover up my outfit in a storm and would keep me wrapped up warm during the next seasons!

My thoughts?
This is my favourite one to wear and the most affordable; but it’s navy, slightly baggy with a huge cosy hood so nobody’s surprised are they?! The quality is definitely not as good as the ASOS Slim Coat above but the price is also less than half, so we expected that. The hood is huge and the best bit. This one is the ‘Tall’ Parka and although I’m only 5’5 — I find I have to choose Tall options in some clothing because my figure is mostly leg due to my really high waist.

3. JDY Long Trench Coat

IMG_3130I pulled my best ‘model face’ here — I’m just a natural……….lol

IMG_3123I just love the colour of this coat, and the suede-look to it – it would be super flattering on a smaller shape!

My thoughts?
This coat is completely out of my comfort zone. Completely. It’s pink, it’s got a lot of material to it, which I don’t usually like, and it’s got no hood. No cosies, dammit. What I do love about this coat however, is the material and it looks smart. For the affordable price (link in the name above), it’s gorgeous material. It’s not lined like #1 but it’s still a great material. It hangs a bit strangely. I think it’s more for some-one who is very small on top with long thin legs, again, a straight down person. I’m a shapely mofo, so it’s no good for me. Although the colour is beautiful and it’s made me think I might actually get more colourful coats in the future.


Which coat should I keep? I’m totally thinking the Parka but I just LOVE the grey one for how it looks, just not on me!!

Am xXx

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  1. Ce
    October 14, 2017 / 8:20 pm

    The grey is my personal fave but you look way more comfortable and you in the navy one. Keep!

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